“Libations are not enough to stem my visions, nor will drink be of
any help should they become reality; I fear that steel is necessary,
and intellect, and will. I tell no mere child’s tale, made to frighten
the young into obedience. Nor would I ask obedience from any who join
me, but merely aid in finding this cult-priest in order to discover
what we may. You look to be someone who knows how to handle himself
in a fight, and in more places besides. This is no job for a
mercenary sergeant, used to taking orders – a disciple of drill and
discipline – but one for an untrammeled spirit. Do you seek
knowledge, enlightenment, revenge, riches, atonement, or honor? If
so, this path is bound to provide for you, and well. So, what will it
be? Are you equal to whatever task may lie ahead? Can you walk away
with a clear conscience, knowing what lies in wait out there, that
when this moment came to you, you refused it? Come and walk the vale
with me a while, if you will, or stay here and drink until you hear of
our renown, our riches, our knowledge, our exploits, and sing along
with bards and minstrels.”
—Khrazhd-ul Meadbeard

Meadbeard's Company

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